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elneclare's Journal

2 December 1958
I spend way too much time online reading posts and playing games. For I have little else to do, since becoming disable from Fibromyalgia. When I'm not online I'm either off somewhere with S.O. or sleeping. Though I do often spend evenings reading too.

Before becoming addicted to the Internet, I was addicted to reading SF and Fantasy. I'm currently into a space opera phase, fulled by writers like Dave Weber, Eric Flint and John Ringo.

My S.O. and I are members of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society and try to make at least one convention other the Balticon each year. He works at civil war museum, so a lot of our social activities circle around BSFS and museums.

I have 3 grow up daughters, One married with a 3 year old grandson and granddaughter due on July 20th, 2005. My Ex is M to F trans gender and will show up a lot in posts as she drives all of us crazy. Actually my whole life sounds like a soap opera. One written by Monty Python.